I love Sysa

I’m Sylvia but friends call me Sysa, that’s why I chose the name “I love Sysa”.

Already as a little girl, I toyed with the idea of creating original things. I started off with a Barbie doll, to which I sewed various outfits. Later I found my mum’s old sewing machine and it occurred to me that it was the right time to create something for myself. My first real piece of work was a white skirt with black dots. It didn’t look like tailored by a professional but for me it was the most beautiful skirt in the world – an original piece that no one else had. I will never forget about it.

It was this very childhood memory which brought me to the idea of creating original jewellery and accessories. They also reflect my love for flowers.

Each jewel in our “Luxury Collection” is made as a single piece; therefore it is unique and authentic. Everything is handmade by using high quality materials such as Swarovski elements (rhinestones, beads, pearls). Silver parts are made of 925 silver and gold parts are plated with 24K gold. I also create customized jewellery and accessories according to client’s request. Just describe what you have in mind and I’ll send you the offer.

Jewelry and accessories are also available in few fashion stores in Majorca.